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Gail Page creates colorful, whimsical, joyful art. Whether it's paintings, books, illustrations, floorcloths, sticks, sculptures, or murals for hospitals, elementary schools or orphanages, Gail's art appeals to children and adults alike.

In Gail Page's world people fly, birds wear building hats and dogs wear cat masks and pour afternoon tea. Tea pots are a favorite theme, representing warmth, nourishment and social comfort.

Her personal experience with the healing powers of color led to a series of abstract energy circles and her background in fashion and textile design is apparent in her wonderful, functional "floorcloths" which have been featured in Good Housekeeping Do It Yourself Magazine.

Gail lives in the woods of Maine with her artist husband Rob Shetterly and their dog Jacoby.


Gail Page is the author and illustrator of two children's books about Bobo the dog. Published by Bloomsbury U.S.A. Children's Books, New York, NY.

How to be a Good Cat

Adventures and Projects

In April 2004 Gail and her daughter traveled to Vietnam and painted five murals in an orphanage in Saigon.

Current Galleries and Shows

Bruno Gallery, Hancock Point, Maine
12 x 12 Show in Orlando, Florida
10 x 8 Show at John Edwards, Ellsworth, Maine
John Edwards Gallery - Ellsworth, Maine
Blum Gallery, College of Atlantic - Bar Harbor, Maine
See the "Biography" page for past shows.

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